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Should you install a grease trap?

Stansbury Septic Service can install and maintain your grease trap at any commercial property.

To schedule your grease trap installation or cleaning, give us a call today!



Benefits of having a grease trap installed on your commercial property

Kitchen waste water flows through the grease trap before entering your septic system and creates a floating scum layer that digests over time into your sewage water. The grease trap catches the grease before it goes into the sewer lines, helping lower the risk of clogged sewer lines.


Large amounts of fats and cooking greases such as lard solidifies once the temperature has cooled and can cause blockages in drain pipes. Grease traps reduce the blockage in drain pipes which could save you thousands of dollars in repairs and sewage clean-ups.

If you own a commercial property that cooks greasy foods, you should have a grease trap installed and maintained regularly.


Stansbury Septic Service recommends pumping your grease trap 1 to 2 times per year to avoid an unpleasant odor and to ensure your grease trap is working properly.

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